Life in St Maarten

The island of St. Maarten is one of the most picturesque places on the Caribbean. This small island has been the home of Dutch and French colonies for more than 350 years or so. The diverse culture of French, Dutch and West Indians has made the place one of the most exciting vacation destinations in the world.

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If you love to explore the cosmopolitan environment of Caribbean you must visit this smallest island on the earth. The warm climate, the vibrant nightlife, duty free shopping facility, cosmopolitan ambiance with gourmet food and Caribbean twist, Saint Maarten is truly a vacationer’s paradise.

Life in St. Maarten is quite happening and peaceful at the same time. It is quite amazing to know that people from seventy different nationalities live here in perfect harmony. They also speak their own language and have successfully retained their culture food and lifestyle since ages.

The island has quite a few museums and art galleries that endorse the fact of historical heritage of this place. Since the island is visited by tourists throughout the year, a lot of inhabitants are engaged in the various fields of tourism and vacations. Getting to all island attractions can take time without a personal vehicle. To save time contact St Martin Car Rental to not waste hours using public transportation. Using public transportation eliminates too many hours of your vacation.

The natives of the island of St. Maarten have their roots in Netherlands, Africa and Africa. Although these three cultures blend in a nice uniformity they have been successful in maintaining the uniqueness of their own culture too. The two main languages that are spoken on the island are Dutch and French but do not be worried, because English is also spoken to a great extent.


Due to its multi-cultural influence, the island of St. Maarten has about fifty religious affiliations that are related to Christianity. People here are quite religious and thus it makes a harmonious multi-ethnic-religious community. Food and music is an important part of the St. Maarten Island. This culturally rich island is a place where people live in harmony and peace. The people of St. Maarten Island enjoy all the modern amenities of the world today. There are goods schools and hospitals that have the latest facilities.

Due to a big boom in the real estate industry more and more people are settling in this beautiful island. You can find Caribbean beachfront vacation rentals, Caribbean villas, resorts and hotels in great abundance. When it’s about traveling in Sint Maarten or Saint Martin, you would get the best opportunity to enjoy the distinct cultures on this 37 square mile island. You can experience the warmth, and the delightfulness of both the French and Dutch side.